Public Safety

California is in the middle of a public safety crisis.

Neighborhoods throughout the state are becoming unsafe. Californians now worry as they have become victims of crime or know others who have, and businesses are shutting down due to unfettered retail theft. 

It doesn’t have to be this way — California citizens don’t have to continue to live in fear. But out-of-touch Sacramento politicians prioritize protecting criminals instead of the safety of our families and businesses. That’s wrong

Fortunately, there are ways to make our state safe.

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The facts regarding California’s public safety crisis

It is no secret that California is in the middle of a public safety crisis. Let’s take a look at the severity of the situation. 

And that is just the beginning of the startling statistics. Rates of every type of crime are increasing throughout the state.

Vince Fong has a plan to support law enforcement and lower crime in California

Californians are demanding safe neighborhoods, schools, and streets. But to make this happen, they need someone to support them.

Vince Fong understands that California’s rising crime rates demand immediate solutions. Soft-on-crime policies have crippled law enforcement and led to this crisis. Here are some needed strategies to reduce crime:

  • Reclassify violent crimes as felonies
  • Hold drug dealers responsible for the fentanyl crisis accountable
  • Ensure that our local and state law enforcement agencies have the funding they need.

It’s common sense! 

Rising crime in California has become a public safety crisis. To support Vince Fong and his initiatives to reduce crime, please make a donation today. 

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