Budget Deficit

Join Vince Fong On His Fight to Stop California’s Soaring Budget Deficit

The state of California is facing a financial crisis of epic proportions. The budget deficit has skyrocketed to an alarming $32 billion under Governor Gavin Newsom’s watch, marking an era of fiscal irresponsibility we can no longer ignore. 

The consequences of such a massive budget deficit are dire, threatening the infrastructure of our state and impacting the lives of every Californian. Unfortunately, Governor Newsom doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation. In fact, his plan offers little relief, projecting a $5 billion deficit next year, which is predicted to grow to a staggering $14 billion by 2027. That is not a sustainable path for our state’s economy and future.

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California needs budget accountability 

The latest version of the Governor’s budget unveiled just a few days ago confirmed our fears. Our warnings about the unsustainable trajectory of California’s budget are now colliding with economic reality. This is signaling a significant crisis for our state. 

As Assemblymember and Vice Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, Vince Fong pointed out, “The fact that the Governor continues to overspend, creating structural deficits in future years, is fiscally irresponsible.”

Despite these alarming deficits, the budget still fails to make critical investments in essential infrastructure needs. The policies and agencies where Newsom is allocating budget funds are not addressing the real issues that California faces, resulting in wasted taxpayer dollars.

Vince Fong is demanding fiscal responsibility and transparency 

Vince Fong has been steadfast in his commitment to holding the Governor accountable for this spiraling financial crisis. “Real accountability requires Sacramento to stop defining success based on how much is spent, but focus on actual measurable results,” Fong stated recently. “We must live within our means. This will continue to be my focus as we work to bring more transparency to the budget.”

Fong has been active in informing the public about the escalating budget crisis and continues to stress the importance of prudent financial management at the state level.

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