Energy Price Control Petition

Vince Fong Vows to Fight Newsom’s Poor Energy Price Control Proposal 

“Price controls will lead to energy shortages. We have been down this road before. This proposal does not make any sense in economic reality. To address high energy costs in California, we need more domestic energy production, not less.” – Vince Fong

Vince Fong has vowed to push back against the Governor’s ill-conceived policies including his flawed call to stifle needed energy production – a failed idea proposed under President Jimmy Carter that resulted in higher prices, increased reliance on foreign countries, and long lines at the gas pump.

Under Governor Newsom’s reign, the gas tax has increased four times. Gas, heating bills, and the costs of everything have skyrocketed. Families are demanding a more affordable and reliable energy supply. We want less taxes, not more.

To bring immediate relief to drivers, Assemblyman Vince Fong is introducing legislation to suspend the gas tax for a year.

The people of this state, especially the hard-working men and women in the Central Valley deserve a Governor who focuses on our state’s ongoing crises, not making splashy headlines to distract us from the real-life consequences of his illogical policies. Vince Fong will continue to serve our community and be a strong voice for our way of life, and will never waver to bring common sense, transparency, and accountability to Sacramento.

Sign the petition. Tell Newsom we want less taxes!

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