100% of your donation supports our efforts to elect more Republicans to bring balance to Sacramento and to be common sense voices for hard working Californians.

Are you fed up with increasing crime, rising taxes, extensive homelessness, and extreme liberal policies hurting families and businesses in California? We need your help to break free of the stranglehold on politics in Sacramento – that means we must elect more Republicans in our state to change the direction of our state.

There has been one ruling voice in Sacramento for too long! To help California Republicans win in November, we need your monetary support. Know that 100% of your donations go to helping me and like minded candidates across the state that are fighting to make California better for everyone.

Important Announcement from Vince

* Any amount helps $25, $50, or $100. Vince will use 100% of your donations toward the issues that matter most for Californians!

Vince Fong is fighting for what matters most — making California better for everyone 

This election season, I’ve made it my personal mission to help Republicans across the state get elected in California. But to break the Democrat’s one-party rule, I need your help. It’s important to be transparent about where your appreciated donations are going. 100% of your donations will be spent on campaigns that will fight to:

Focus on Fixing California’s Water and Energy Crisis 

  • Suspend the gas tax and lower the cost of fuel
  • Stop importing oil and start producing RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE energy locally
  • Make water more available to our communities, and build more water storage infrastructure.

Focus on California’s Affordability Crisis 

  • Fight inflation and make California more affordable
  • Holding Sacramento accountable by auditing state programs and bringing transparency to California’s budget and finances

Create jobs for Californians

  • Improve California’s crumbling infrastructure by supporting initiatives to fix our state highways and local roads
  • Keep business open and remove the barriers and tax burdens that are driving business out of California by the thousands

Improve California’s Quality of Life

  • Keep our children in schools and empower parents to make educational decisions for their children 
  • Hold criminals accountable and protect public safety by supporting our law enforcement.
  • Deal with the root causes of homelessness.
  • More domestic energy production to reduce energy costs. California energy by Californians for Californians.
  • More water storage and infrastructure 
  • Get deadly fentanyl off the street and hold drug dealers accountable

We won’t stop fighting until we give Californian common sense voices in politics. Click here to donate now!